Midnight Blue



Collaboration w/ Santosh Chhantyal Photography

Full Outfit- Inspire By Antee Gurung.

Bag- Chardonnay Fashion House

Pumps: Zara Basic

MUA : Sunii Magar

Dear readers,

Midnight Blue is one of my favorite colors. It reminds me of a midnight sky full of stars, which adds mystery and depth to it. I have always wanted to design something with this color for myself. During one of my fabric search, I found a perfect summer fabric with a unique floral pattern in midnight blue. So I made a summer suit and to fit with the seasonal mood I used a very light materials and lining to go with it. The cute little bag which I am carrying is provided by Chardonnay House in Lazimpath.

For this blog post, I collaborated with the talented street style photographer Santosh Chhantyal. Santosh has been covering various street styles of Nepalese fashionistas and his work is one of the bests in this field. Also, my makeup was done by a young makeup artist Sunni. She has been doing this for the past three years and I loved the way she personalized my make up based on my facial feature. I felt like a completely different person as I don’t do much makeup on a daily basis. But it did feel good for a change.

The photos were taken at dusk, which wasn’t planned but I still love the way the backdrop looks in contrast to the outfit.

I am keeping this blog post very short for now, but I do have more to share, which I will cover in my next post.



Love & Luck


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