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Dear readers,

I am back with a food and outfit post yet again. For an afternoon lunch, I went to Yala restaurant in Patan with my sister. Knowing the ambience at Yala was quite relaxed, and chilled I decided to experiment with the pajama look, sleepwear as an out wear has been an ongoing trend sweeping off the international fashion scene. It is a tricky trend and if not pulled off well, one can go from 10 to zero pretty quickly. If you really want to try this look you can first try it by using it as separates, and, maybe by not going with the whole set. That way you will gain more confidence and get a zest for it. I tried this look a while back by pairing this particular shorts with a plain white crisp shirt and everyone loved it. You can check out that look HERE!! So yesterday, I decided to go for this laid-back and chilled look with a grey black satin pajama set shorts, with white piping from my label “Inspire”. This look is comfortable and chic with a new twist. If you want to give it a try, you can order one HERE & HERE and get your own set of pajama set which can easily go from day to night look and well if you want, back to bed again.


The food at Yala Mandala was cooked with such attention and thought that it felt as if the love of this labor oozed out not only on the palate, but visually in its presentation also. For our afternoon lunch, we ordered a dish of pasta and a grilled chicken cooked in continental style. While we waited for our food to arrive, we took in to the relaxed and laid back atmosphere. Yala, which means Patan in Newari, lies in the heart of Patan. Yala Mandala contains several layers of space, all aimed to promote Nepali arts and culture. There is a jewelry gallery that faces the front of the building, while the restaurant takes over the back of the building opening to courtyards and to a garden. Above the ground floor there are more spaces, which displays pashmina, rugs, buttons, Nepali arts and handicraft. Although, the items seem eclectic in collection, they are all brought together and the décor is simplified to give a restored Nepali look. It feels the traditional look has been redesigned to give a new interpretation and form. The aesthetics of the Yala Mandala is organically weaved together by all of these elements to give a modern Nepali look yet the restaurant has its own identity.

In the restaurant, we see a large cooking copper vessel stand next to the open kitchen, and then there are the garlic bulbs braided together and the chilies that fall loosely on the wall that takes one back to the good old Nepali days. The straw mats spread out in one corner of the courtyard very much utilitarian in purpose serve as a seating arrangement.

The pasta and the grilled chicken didn’t take very long to arrive. Both the dishes were simple in arrangement but we could see the art behind the dish to achieve that simplicity. The pan-fried carrots were stacked with courgette and mushrooms with the cauliflowers and the green peas placed on the two sides of the stack. A part of plate was occupied with a grilled tomato and a green asparagus placed on top of the tomato. The dish accompanied a generous portion of mashed potatoes, and the grilled chicken sautéed with fennel and sundried tomatoes in white wine sauce, looked tempting. The chicken was tender, its flavor balanced by the sauce. On the menu the pasta was described as shepherd inspired sauce of bacon and mushroom sautéed in olive oil, garlic and chili but we didn’t get around to follow that story. Still, it was brilliant as the pasta was cooked to perfection.

An afternoon at Yala restaurant was unhurried and we enjoyed the experience. The garden at the back of the restaurant added a tranquil atmosphere and we felt it gave us a homely feeling, with great care and thought.



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