Inspire at “the Khadi- Future Fabric Show” in Bangladesh.

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Inspire Organic Hand loom Collection 2016

Presented by Fashion Council Of Bangladesh

Dear readers,

I know its been a long time since I last wrote. But life has been busy and I have been occupied with wonderful things and some very stressful ones as well (hello!!! adulthood) . While on my down side, I will admit I was little lazy to sit down and do the blogging part. Anyways I can rest assure you guys that I am back and for now I will be sharing all the things that happened in between my MIA zone.

Last December I was invited by the fashion council of Bangladesh for an annual event of their year which was a khadi – the future fabric show. I was ecstatic to do a show overseas while the time frame was very minimal. I was a little bit concerned because it was a fabric which was not my forte. All the designers had to strictly use 100% organic material possibly produced from your own country. So, that meant I had to do a heavy duty research first. Hence, I was a little skeptical as there was very less time to do my research, find the supplier, see the production and figure it out if it was from an authentic mill or not, create mood board, sketch my designs and tons of other things that made me close to having a meltdown. Anyways, I worked day and night. The whole month of December, all I had in my mind was organic organic organic….. it was crazyyy.

So the day arrived and luckily I could take one of my friend as well with me. So my friend Nawang accompanied me on this trip. At first the flight was little overwhelming and the airport kinda gave us mixed vibes. On top of that, we were kept waiting outside the airport, a man who kept telling us that the vehicle would arrive soon. We could see that this man had been receiving designers from different countries that whole day going back and forth. Anyways, finally a black Mercedes arrived and we were escorted to an amazing hotel. At the lobby, we met our beautiful hostess Maheen Khan and all the other reputed designers from different countries. To be very honest, I seriously felt so overwhelmed as I was the youngest one there but I kept my cool . I spent the following three days with them, they turned out to be so cool, fun and learnt so much from them.

So it was a three day event show and on the first day, many reputed people from different industries gave speech on khadi and why they should elevate the production and use of it. I also came to find out that the event was supported by the ministry itself. It was such an incredible thing to see the Government of Bangladesh doing so much for the development of their textile industry.

Anyways, the organic collection that I showcased at the show was a ready to wear collection. I got amazing feedback and this trip taught me so much. The memories from Dhaka is still imprinted in my memory and I cant wait to be back to the city so diverse, beautiful and their love for fabrics is so astounding.

Love & Luck





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Love & Luck


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