It Felt Blue All Of A Sudden



Dress & Bag: From Hong Kong | Shoes: Lane 88 | Bracelet: Accessories Nep | Rings: Forever 21

Dear readers,

I am extremely sorry I have been missing in action on my blog with no new updates, and I am afraid the reason for this disappearance is my work. Work does take a lot of me and my time. Though, there is something new I want to share. For those who have been visiting my site you might have noticed the SHOP button on the main page. I love my blog and I thoroughly enjoy writing about fashion and sharing my personal style. However, the main focus of the website has always been the shop. It is one of my most awaited project for which I have worked so hard for a long time now, brain storming and managing everything on my own and it is all finally coming together. I feel very excited whenever one of my ideas gets to its final form. I feel like when you work and love something from the core of your heart, life will always give you more opportunities and open new doors. All we have to do is stay focused and exude positive energies.

Well, the shop is going to be launched very soon.

Stay tuned people!



“ Here, I am wearing a navy blue dress shaped in a balloon. It has an interesting element of drape which makes the dress stand out. This dress is a present from a dear friend Nawang who is a frequent traveller and has got a fabulous taste. I think the structure of the dress has been perfectly captured by my photographer Meilan. I specially liked the photo where Meilan has captured the jumping pose where the dress lits up like a balloon.

Moving on the footwear, it is again by my favorite store Lane 88. The combination of the grey leather with the strap adds an edgy touch to it. These are the comfiest heels I have ever owned.

The accessories I am wearing is a multi color bracelet from Accessories Nep and butterfly rings from Forever 21. It gives a very arty feel and I was in that kind of mood.






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