Blogger’s Bazaar 2016

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Dress: DS Collection | Shoes: Lane 88 | Shades: Dior

Venue: Hotel Harmika

Pictures by Synematico

Dear readers,

A few weeks ago I was a part of a very special event, Bloggers Bazaar. It is an event that happens a lot in other countries but in Nepal this was the first time. A lot of my blogger friends writing on fashion and lifestyle from Kathmandu collaborated to organize this event. The concept of Bloggers Bazaar is to allow the bloggers and fashion enthusiasts to set up stalls and to promote their clothing and accessories at a very affordable price. The response on the day was really good and people visiting the event enjoyed the vibrant ambience and services provided by Hotel Harmika situated in Boudha.

The photo of the event was covered by a new start up company called Synematico based in Kathmandu. It happens to be my best friend’s new venture. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook. You can find really cool creative stuffs in their social networking sites and are mainly available for advertisement works. You can visit them at if you need any of their services.

Also I did a little collab with Gokul Shrestha from “Closet of words”. You can find few pictures of me and him. His blog is really good filled with classic style mixed with modern day trends.



“Outfit Closure”

On the day I wore a white off-shoulder dress that was bought very last minute. Like any good thing it was found by chance during one of my visits to Durbar Marg. I instantly loved the layers that the dress has and the soft feeling of it.

The shoes, that I am wearing is an oxblood strappy heels that was bought last year but since I am not much of a stilettoes person I wore it for the first time. It went perfectly with the simple silhouette and the color of the dress. As for the accessories I wasn’t wearing any in particular but my old Dior shades goes everywhere with me.

Blogger’s Bazaar was a really upbeat event and it was a success. There may be more cool events coming up from us, NFB (Nepal Fashion Bloggers), so stay tuned.

Love & Luck


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Love & Luck

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5 thoughts on “Blogger’s Bazaar 2016”

  1. Antee, the Blogger’s Bazaar sounds fun! I bet you met many bloggers from Nepal. The dress you’re wearing is so pretty. Can’t go wrong with white! I would like to go to something like this in California. I’ve only met one blogger. She owned a vintage shop in the same town I lived in, and I used to go in there all the time.

    Love those shoes, Antee, so cute.


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